General Assembly 2020 in the Kursaal Bern


The SAQ Swiss Association for Quality announces that its 54th Ordinary General Assembly will now take place on Friday, 13 November 2020 in the Paul Klee MuseumBern. The General Assembly had been postponed due to the Federal Ordinances on the control of the coronavirus.

The following new candidates will be proposed to the General Assembly of the SAQ:
- Monika Fässler, Vice Director, Staff/Services IT, Operations & Real Estate, Zürcher Kantonal Bank
- Joachim Fernandes, Head of Quality, Dubois Dépraz SA
- Ursula Grunder, Responsible for Environmental Issues and Projects Environment, Health and Safety, Siemens RSS Europe
The following resignations were reported to the General Assembly: Raphaël Granges.

For further information: Marlyse Roulin, Managing Director SAQ Swiss Association for Quality, marlyse.roulin(at), +41 (0)31 330 99 07

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