What we stand for

The SAQ Swiss Association for Quality pursues the goal of spreading and strengthening the understanding of quality as a standard and beyond that as an element of the value system of companies and organizations. The focus is on dialogue with management, the promotion of the profession of quality manager, the certification of individual professional qualifications and communication with customers and the trade.


  • The SAQ is Switzerland's leading knowledge provider in the areas of quality, sustainability and efficiency.
  • The SAQ is the cross-sectoral Swiss association for the education, training and certification of professionals.
  • The SAQ is established as the Swiss competence centre for operational quality and personal certification.

Our mission

  • SAQ offers further attractive products for existing customers and offers itself as a service provider.
  • SAQ is innovative in product development and offers appropriate solutions and further developments for private companies of all sizes.
  • SAQ offers diversified product solutions for public administrations and non-profit organisations.
  • Innovative, independent, service-oriented as the basis for our quality. We want to become better and make others better

Our values

Agile The concerns of our members, business partners and customers are the focus of our activities.

We are a neutral and independent authority.
The information and personal data that we receive in the course of our work are treated confidentially in accordance with the statutory provisions and protected against unauthorised access. As a personal certification body, we are committed to objectivity, impartiality, confidentiality and respect.

Objective We endeavour to identify and avoid private and business conflicts of interest in order to guarantee the objectivity and/or independence of our services at all times.
Future-oriented We attach particular importance to continuous improvement in order to meet the needs and requirements of our members and clients in the best possible way and to influence their sustainable success.

We treat our internal and external partners with respect, fairness and transparency.



Code of Conduct PDF (190.3 kB)
Anhang zum Code of Conduct PDF (155.1 kB)

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