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Stresstest Coronavirus – was sagt die Krisenmanagerin?

Im Ernstfall zeigt sich, wie resilient ein Unternehmen ist. Welche Lehren sind aus dem Pandemiefall zu ziehen? Eine Notfall- und Krisenmanagerin im Gespräch.
Sicherheitsforum 17. März 2020

Model Risk Management of AI and Machine Learning Systems

Juni, 2020

Many firms in the Financial Services sector are making increasing use of machine learning and other AI tools. This brings new risks which need to be managed. In this paper we discuss these risks in some detail and argue that the Model Risk Management (MRM) frameworks that have been established across most large banks are an appropriate starting point for managing emerging AI risk. We also recommend a number of modifications to traditional MRM to effectively manage the specific risks of some AI applications. This framework can also be applied to non-FS firms, who can leverage the existing best practice MRM to manage and control AI risk.

Kiril Georgiev Fabrice Ciais Matthew Dodgson, pwc

Model Risk Management of AI and Machine Learning Systems, pwc

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