Expert group Medizinprodukte Medical devices

The specialist groups Medical Devices (focus on the German-speaking region of Switzerland) and MedTech (focus on the French-speaking region of Switzerland) make their expertise and experience available to the entire industry. The practice-related information supports the optimisation of the entire value chain (manufacturers, marketers, users). The interdisciplinary exchange of experience, knowledge and technology is promoted through events, seminars and media contributions.

The specialist groups form the platform, bring SMEs closer together and simplify access to specialists from the industry.


  • Transfer of specialist knowledge and exchange of experience in the field of medical devices regulation and quality management
  • "building bridges" between manufacturers, distributors and users of medical devices Support


  • Organisation and implementation of 3-4 half-day events per year
  • Networking, providing a platform to bring together companies in the medical device industry and access to specialists

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