Seghezzi Award Promotion of Quality and Sustainability

The SFAQ Foundation (Swiss Foundation for Research and Education «Quality») will again award the Seghezzi Prize, endowed with CHF 10,000, on 11 May 2023, on the occasion of the Swiss Quality Day.

This sponsorship prize is awarded to persons whose qualification thesis (e.g. Bachelor or MSc Thesis, PhD, DBA, MAS, MBA, Habilitation) deals with questions and approaches to solutions in an innovative way that is relevant to practice and which addresses the topic of «Integrated Quality Management and Sustainability» in a discipline-specific or cross-disciplinary manner and who have successfully completed this work. The papers can be written in German, French, Italian or English.

The competition is open to natural persons resident in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The competition is open to students at universities, the ETHZ and EPFL, universities of applied sciences and other educational institutions that offer structured continuing education programmes. The qualification thesis must have been completed no more than 3 years before the submission deadline.

Qualification theses must be submitted to the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality, Ms , by 31 December 2022 at the latest.



Publication PDF (6 MB)
Règlement PDF (154 kB)

Previous award winners

Several Seghezzi Awards and Seghezzi Appreciation Awards have been presented in the last few years. Here are the winners and the titles of their respective works.

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