ISPMA® Software Product Manager ISPMA® Certified Software Product Manager

Good product management is crucial for the success of software-based offerings. This applies not only to pure software products, but also to software-intensive systems. In order to make sensible use of the degrees of freedom offered, special procedures have become established for the management of software products, for example in the areas of requirements engineering and flexible release planning.

The International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA®), has structured these procedures and, together with the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality, has defined a programme that is internationally widespread and recognised.

The programme is aimed at people who are interested in the topic of "software product management" and have at least three years of experience in software-related activities (not necessarily as SPM). In particular product managers, product owners and persons responsible for IT applications as well as other employees who want to develop themselves further in the direction of software product managers.

The SPM certification is based on the curricula of ISPMA®, which were developed together with industry and universities.

The Foundation Certificate ISPMA® shows the following competences and knowledge:

  • The entire spectrum of topics and tasks in software product management
  • Product strategy (product positioning, delivery model, sourcing, business aspects, pricing, ecosystem management, legal aspects)
  • Product planning (product life cycle management, product requirements management, release planning, road mapping)
  • The role of SPM within the company as the person responsible for the economic success of the product over its life cycle
  • coordinating function towards development, marketing, sales and services


  • Implementation

    The examinations can be arranged and taken at your discretion:

  • At a training organisation. Examination dates can be arranged directly.
  • at the office of the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality.
    Exams for individuals or small groups (maximum five persons).
  • Via remote monitoring on your own computer at home.
    You can find more information about the remote examination here.
  • Registration

    You can register via our online appointment booking page.

    Book your exam appointment now

    Result communication

    Tablet and remote exams are evaluated immediately after submission and the percentage achieved is displayed on the screen. Paper tests are evaluated by the certification body. Written confirmation of the result and the certificate are sent by email 10 to 15 working days after the exam.



Foundation Syllabus PDF (1.0 MB)
Examination regulations for Foundation and Excellence PDF (273.2 kB)
Price List The Foundation PDF (83.1 kB)
Price List Excellence Level PDF (82.8 kB)


Remote examination
Information remote examination PDF (184.0 kB)

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