iSAQB® Software Architecture Foundation Level iSAQB® – CPSA-F® Certified Professional for Software Architecture Foundation Level SAQ

The certificate of the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality is based on the successfully passed examination according to the requirement profile and certification scheme of the iSAQB® (international Software Architecture Qualification Board), an association with the aim of standardising and unifying the education for software architects. The CPSA is an internationally recognised education and training programme for software architects, organised by the iSAQB®. The programme consists of three training levels. The basis is the Foundation Level.

The Foundation Level teaches the basics of software architecture. This includes general basic concepts of software architecture, the role of software architects and methods and techniques for the development of software architectures.

Target group

Software architects, software designers, software developers, system analysts, technical project managers.

There are no preconditions for taking the Foundation Level exam. Participation in a course is recommended but not a prerequisite.

The aims of the course are to impart the knowledge and skills

  • To coordinate essential software architecture decisions with other project participants,
  • document and communicate software architectures based on views, architecture patterns and technical concepts
  • Self-development of small and medium-sized systems
  • Guarantee of system quality


There are no preconditions for taking the Foundation Level exam. Participation in a course is recommended, but not a prerequisite.

The exam contains 42 multiple-choice questions. The examination is considered passed if 60% of the possible number of points is achieved.

Further information: iSAQB®


The examinations can be arranged and taken at your discretion:

  • At a training organisation (with - or without a course). Examination dates can be arranged directly.
  • at the office of the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality.
    Exams for individuals or small groups (maximum five persons).
  • Via remote monitoring on your own computer at home.
    You can find more information about the remote examination here.


You can register via our online appointment booking page.

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Result communication

Tablet and remote exams are evaluated immediately after submission and the percentage achieved is displayed on the screen. Paper tests are evaluated by the certification body. Written confirmation of the result and the certificate are sent by email 10 to 15 working days after the exam.


Preisliste Foundation Level PDF (131.1 kB)
Foundation Level Curriculum PDF (400.6 kB)


Remote examination
Information remote examination PDF (184.0 kB)

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