Client Advisors Bank increase counselling competence SAQ certifies expertise even in times of Corona


During the Corona pandemic, more than 2,500 Client Advisors Bank improved their quality of counselling and their expertise and were certified as " SAQ Certified Client Advisor Bank ". How was that possible?

In 2019, the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality, together with the banking sector, added requirements for digital skills to the Body of Knowledge for the Client Advisor Bank certification, laying crucial foundations for the development of competencies. The advisors could apply all these skills and qualifications in their daily work, even during the pandemic. All clients of Swiss banks benefited significantly from the high-quality standard of the advisory services.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation, SAQ Swiss Association for Quality quickly developed comprehensive audit and protection concepts in collaboration with the mandated examination providers and the entire banking sector at the very beginning of the Corona pandemic. Due to the agility and high level of commitment of all parties, more than 1,200 examinations (presence and remote exams) have been conducted since March 2020 and the banks' consulting competencies have been enhanced nationwide.

SAQ certification for Client Advisors Bank is the quality standard in the banking sector. Over 15,000 client advisors hold a valid certificate so far.

Does your Client Advisor also demonstrate future-relevant competences with an SAQ certificate?

For more information:
Daniel Meyer, Head of Certification Customer Advisor Bank, banking(at), Tel. +41 (0)31 330 99 17

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