FOREP 2020: 29. Oktober in Yverdon-les-Bains


Bern, 1 October 2020 -The SAQ Swiss Association for Quality announces that the "FOREP - Forum Excellence & Performance" congress will take place as planned, on Thursday 29 October 2020, in Yverdon-les-Bains, at the Centre de conférences La Marive. The French-speaking Swiss counterpart to the "Swiss Quality Day" will be held under the theme "Performance Yes - but sustainable".

Achieving lasting performance is neither a miracle nor magic, but the daily discipline and commitment of all those involved. To be sustainable, a high level of performance must be based on several pillars: strategic planning, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, leadership, culture, as well as social responsibility and the proactive commitment of all those involved. Sustainable performance is a continuous search for a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects.

The Ecoparc association and the Eco Entreprise programme present the approaches of more than 200 companies in the fields of sustainable development and social responsibility as well as trends. Speakers from the CHUV, the Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois, the Polyval Foundation, specialist in packaging, multiservice/co-packing, mechanics, pharmaceutical packaging and industrial laundry , TéléVerbier, the largest ski lift operator in French-speaking Switzerland and the eHnv, the non-profit association for acute care, rehabilitation and palliative care, will present their approaches.

For further information: SAQ Swiss Association for Quality, Laurence Gilardi, responsible FOREP +41 (0)79 751 84 39, laurence.gilardi(at)


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